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"Jan-Maree has designed and made various Serenity Rox for me. Each Rox she designs is very unique.  The beautiful embroidery work is exquisite and certainly make the receiver feel very special.  I know that I will never tire of Jan-Maree's beautiful designs"    Rachel (Massage Therapist) Melbourne

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Serenity Rox-  a different kind of a gift for someone special in the program...

 I cover small rocks (mostly collected from Victorian bayside beaches) with beautiful fabrics such as linens and silks. I then embellish them with embroidery stitches, beads and can add  AA slogans, names, words, anniversary dates and as such, a one of a kind gift, for someone special.   You can be assured the recipient of the gift will be touched and we have found that no matter whether the person is male or female they appreciate this hand made gift.   Many people buy them for themselves as a reminder of some affirmation they wish to keep thinking of.  It can be carried around in your car, bag or sit on your desk at home or work.


 Serenity Rox- AA Recovery  All rox now $14.99  
 Serenity Rox


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Serenity Rox- AA Anniversary


All rox now $14.99



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