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 Hello my name is Jan-Maree and welcome to my creative life.   


Creativity comes in so many different forms. I love cooking, sewing, knitting, drawing, photography, writing and most of all - I love embroidery. In the main I create pieces by hand but I am dabbling a little in free hand machine embroidery. Being creative allows me to express my feelings in a very healthy way.  

My first taste of embroidery, came when I was about 11 years old. It began with getting milk and bread for an elderly neighbour who, in return, taught me some basic stitches and a little patch working. Thats is when I fell in love with sewing.    At the same time  I enjoyed home economics at school. Soon after I started my working life as a junior finisher with a French couturier in Collins Street, Melbourne. I didn’t stay long in this job as I became a Dental Nurse, but I did continue with my love of sewing. As a junior dental nurse I wasn’t earning a great salary so I started making my own clothes, also altering other clothes, my creative life was fun.  I loved being creative.

My passion/love for and of embroidery has given me so much pleasure. Recovery from illness, life’s ups and downs, addictions all of these have been made a little easier by having a creative outlet to turn too.  I have a saying that embroidery helps me get ‘my head where my hands are’...This can be very nurturing and healing.   

Helping women learn basic embroidery stitches is something that gives me joy. It’s about one woman sharing with another, her gift her talents and skills. Very nurturing for both the giver and receiver.

In addition to creating embroidery work for sale I am currently teaching embroidery at U3A Albert Park and now my delicious handmade smooth chocolate fudge is being sold as a fund raiser, as a special gift or just because you want some yummy to eat.