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Commission Work

Over my years of embroidery I have created numerous unique items, some I have sold, some I have kept and others given away as gifts.


 Beloved Pet Fred - Thread Painting

Fred - our beloved pet passed away some years ago, so in his memory I embroidered his image from one of my many photographs of him..

I did the same for a neighbour when one of their dogs passed away.

I start with a photograph of the animal and create a drawing. I use this drawing as my pattern to create an amazing thread painted embroidery piece (but, of course, the animal/creature does not have to be deceased to emmortalise them in thread). This can be a wonderfully unique gift idea for yourself, a friend or family member.

 Fox in the Box



I created this unique item for a restaurant. It was their logo.

 Phoenix Rising


I designed and hand embroidered my 'Phoenix Rising' as part of an exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild Annual Exhibition - Earth Fire Wind Water 2011. It sold at opening night.

I can reproduce* this one as it is my original design/creation.


Commission work is whatever you would like me to draw and create - usually from a photograph of yours or an idea you may have. If you are stuck for ideas, I can help with the thinking process and between us we can come up with something unique to you.

*When I do reproduce and item, there will always be slight variations - no two pieces can be the same.

Contact the artist to discuss your thoughts and ideas