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What is a Craft Circle

I run a Craft Circle of women that meets at my home fortnightly. We have been meeting for many years now and while the number of women fluctuates, presently we have a regular base of 4 ladies. Close friendships have been formed through our common interest in craft. We do welcome new comers to our group, just contact me for more details.

Starting your own Craft Circle                                          

How I started:

1) Choose a day and time that I thought would work for me, my home and family. We meet Monday’s 7-9pm.

2) In thinking about what I would offer at the Craft Circle I decided to supply a small supper, cuppa and biscuits- sweet and savoury. I have a cost of $5 per person each time we meet. It’s not about making money it’s about making friendships and sharing our gifts/talents.  I do not teach in our CC it’s more a friendship circle where we all share our ideas and help one another.

3) Once all the logistics were sorted out I placed an ad in the community announcements of the local paper (which is usually free). I also told family and friends. I did set a maximum of 8 people to ensure everyone could feel part of the circle.