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About the handbags 

Each bag is unique, one of a kind and is hand made by me.

You can order the size and colour range you want or you can choose one of my stock specialty handbags, you never know what colour I may have in stock, just waiting for you to buy and love.      

I use a lining fabric that compliments the Kaleidoscope story fabric. You can have a shoulder strap, a handle or it could be a clutch’s up to you.

I can embroider a name on the bag at no extra cost.

Size and costs vary: Small approx 6" x 6" or 15cm x 15cm  $60  

                                     Medium approx 8" x 6" or 21cm x 15cm  $70 

                                     Large approx 9" x 10" or 23cm x 25.5cm  $80  

The sizes can be varied, price according to size.

 Kaleidoscope Story Shoulder Bag    Kaleidoscope Story Bag - Enlarged view    Kaleidoscope Story Fabric Handbag
Colour - Main Fabric
Colour - Kaleidoscope Fabric
Colour Tone
Handle Length
Handle Thickness
Personalised? - Name
Special Request
Quantity :
           Special Order - please contact the artist  
 Kaleidoscope Shoulder Bag - Small    Kaleidoscope Shoulder Bag - Side view    Kaleidoscope Shoulder Bag    
 Kaleidoscope Story Fabric Handbag - Purple Tones    Purple Tones K.S. Handbag and Hankie    Purple Tones K.S. Handbag - Side view    
 Pink and Purple Tones K.S. Handbag    Pink and Purple K.S. Handbag and Mauve Hankie    Red, Black, White and Silver K.S. Handbag  Red Tones K.S. Handbag and Hankie  
 Chocolate Delight Shoulder Bag   Chocolate Delight Bag     Chocolate Delight    
 Lime Surprise and Chocolate Delight Bags    Lime Surprise Shoulder Bag    Lime Surprise    
 Blue Ulysses Shoulder Bag    Blue Ulysses one-of-a-kind    Blue Ulysses    
 Cumquat Burst Bag  

The story I created in my head whilst I was sewing:

Cumquats lying on the ground amongst the Autumn leaves, some to be eaten, some squashed into the leaves to create wonderful colour bursts. 

I love these colours and I love to wear them.  

  Cumquat Burst Shoulder Bag