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Unique, Magical, One of a kind -The Kaleidoscope Story Fabric

I am passionate about quite a few things in my life. One of my greatest passions is to create,whether it is to embroider, cook, photograph, draw, knit or sew... I love most crafts and recycling. So I have put some of my passions to good use (not evil) and created this most unique fabric which I have named the Kaleidoscope story fabric due to its many colours and textures.  

          Kaleidoscope Story Fabric

I start with a base fabric that is recycled usually from scarves, machine knits, shirts, many numerous fabrics. I add my left over embroidery threads, knitting yarns, wool tops etc to create this magical story fabric.

Why story you ask, each item I create, whether it be a handbag or a covered journal, I dream up a story to go with it. I get lost in the threads and the story is formed. It may be humorous, spiritual.. who knows what it might be.


I use my Kaleidoscope story fabric to make handbags, cover journals, diaries, address books etc with removable covers.                          

I’m open to suggestions on other items you may like to be covered, just email or call me.