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Hi there,  welcome to my website.                               

My name is Jan-Maree and my passion is embroidery and creating customised,                                       made to order embroidery art work for my valued more

"Jan-Maree's covered journals are the perfect present for that someone special, or the troublesome person who has everything else. They are beautifully handcrafted and can be tailored specifically to the person's own tastes - colour, design or texture. As each journal cover is individually handcrafted (Jan-Maree's embroidery is unique) they will never receive another present like it"  Jenny (HR Manager) Melbourne



Kaleidoscope Story Fabric



Journal Covers 

AA Big Book Cover Personalised

   Journal Cover    
    AA Publications     Removable A4 & A5         Journal Covers     




Made to order and personoalised

 Kaleidoscope Story Handbag  

 Kaleidoscope Story Small Handbag

   Shoulder Bags    Handbags    





Serenity Rox



AA Serenity Rox



          Serenity Rox




"Jan-Maree has designed and made various Serenity Rox for me. Each Rox she designs is very unique. The beautiful embroidery work is exquisite and certainly make the receiver feel very special. I know that I will never tire of Jan-Maree's beautiful embroidery designs"    

Rachel (Massage Therapist) Melbourne


           AA Recovery Rox


       AA Anniversary Rox


Special Occassion Serenity Rox 




Made to Order and Personalised

      Special Thoughts




Own Slogan

     Special Thoughts


Birthday          Friend/Family



   Baby Blankies        








Made to Order and Personalised

Baby Blankie   Boys Blankie   

"Jan-Maree the many gorgeous baby blankies you have designed and meticulously embroided for me over the past few years have made the absolute perfect gift to my friends and family.

I am a big fan of your work and think you are an incredibly talented individual!"

Azza (Business Owner) Melbourne


  Baby Blankie -Girl

    Baby Blankie -Boy    

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